Within the frame of the project an Argus VI multicollector nobe gas mass spectrometer, designed for the simultaneous analysis of the isotopes of argon has been purchased.

The instrument is equipped with 5 Faraday cells and an electron multiplier, which enables the analysis of the isotopes of argon (36, 37, 38, 39, 40) simultaneously, with special attention to the 36Ar that is measured normally on the electron multiplier. The instrument along with the attached, locally developed gas cleaning line, with the high frequency furnace and a CO2 laser is appropriate for 39Ar/40Ar and for K/Ar radiometric age dating, as well.

K/Ar dating is performed in our lab using the Cassignol-Gillot method, without the addition of 38Ar spike.

Supported by the Institute, a ZnSe window has been purchased as well, that allows the analysis of very small amount of samples and the in-situ 39Ar/40Ar dating as well.